A ArE is造一个句子

1. I am a student. 我是个学生.I am at home. 我在家.注:am的主语为第一人称单数,也就是I.2. He is busy. 他很忙.The tree is tall. 这棵树很高.The dog is white. 这条狗是白色的.注:is的主语为单数第三人称.3. You are clever. 你(们)很聪明.They are in the zoo. 他们在动物园.My shoes are black. 我的鞋子是黑色的. 注:are的主语为第二人称单数,第一、二、三人称复数.

am:i am a boy(我是个男孩)或者i am a girl(我是个女孩)is:he is a boy(他是个男孩)或者she is a girl(她是个女孩)are:we are friends(我们是朋友)或者we are so happy(我们很高兴)希望能帮到你,不懂请追问,满意望采纳!

I am happy to see two girls who are dancing around a tree,which is very tall.

i am a student this is your pen there are some apples on the table

1. she is an English teacher 2.i am Chinese 3.i was a teacher one year ago 4.they are my students now 5.what you were doing at 8:00 yesterday? 你写的an应该是am吧 1. she is an English teacher 她是一位英语教师 2.i am Chinese我是中国人

I am a student.我是个学生.You are a teacher.你是一名老师.She is a university student.她是一个大学生.Tom is a baseball player.汤姆是一名棒球手.Sandy is happy/delighted.珊迪很高兴.The house is old.房子很旧了.I was shocked/astonished.我很震惊.The dog is sleeping.这只狗在睡觉.

I am a student. 我是一个学生 she is a girl 她是一个女生 we are go to school together. 我们一起去学校

I am a teacher.改为一般疑问句:Are you a teacher? 肯定回答:Yes ,I am 否定回答:No ,I'm not.He is a teacher.改为一般疑问句:Is he a teacher ? 肯定回答:Yes ,he is 否定回答:No ,he isn't.They are boys.改为一般疑问句:Are they boys?肯定回答:Yes ,they are.否定回答:No ,they aren't 不明白的可以追问.

am 陈述句 I am a boy 否定句 I am not a boy 一般疑问句 Am I right?回答 Yes ,you are right is 陈述句 The color of the car is red 否定句 She is not mysister 一般疑问 Is she the one who catch the bird? Yes ,she is are 陈述 We are brothers 否定 These books are not mine 一般疑问 Are you OK? Yes ,thank you for you care满意求采纳,谢谢您!

There are my books


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